Types Of Content That Social Media Followers Would Likely Share

Ever had problems deciding what to share on social media? If you are looking to simply put something out there that is personal to you but does not require any feedback then any post is fine, but if you are looking to stair up engagement with the general public, get lots of likes and lots of shares then you would have to dig a bit deeper.

Facebook is of course, one of the best places to get the number of shares you are looking for since it’s got the highest number of users as far as social media is concerned. People do a lot of advertising on facebook and most have achieved their goals through effective marketing strategies and putting up the right content. The reason why quality content is necessary is to drive engagement. If people are not reacting to your posts then you are not making any impact, you are not interesting enough. So the big question is what kind of content sells? What kind of content do people want to see on social media and what type of content are they likely to share with their own friends? Let’s look at some great content types that are likely to go viral on social media:


  • Intellectual content

Everyone has encountered this before. You go through your social media page and you see this little logic math with additions and multiplications to test how smart you are, and you are required to type your answer on that forum. In no time you see a lot of likes and answers from people who have had a go at the math. “This can’t be the answer obviously” you say to yourself. In no time, you have been pulled in and start to comment and share the post to your smartest friends to know what they think. Only one word for this, “VIRAL”

  • The “how to” tutorials

This is another catchy type of content especially if it’s in video form. People like to learn trendy, relevant stuff or person knowledge stuff. As long as it teaches something within the age range of most of your contacts and is relevant, you are sure to get a number of shares.

  • Motivate and inspire

Positivity sells! There are so many people out there who are going through a lot in every part of life and when you put up a motivational post that they can really relate with, the next thing they do is to share to all their contacts. This is why motivational content rank highest on most shared.

  • A hack post

Everyone loves a good hack post, especially if it relates to devices we have had difficulties with. It’s a general knowledge that is useful to keep around.

  • A religious post

Religious posts are usually very sensitive and if you don’t do it right, it can be catastrophic. Most people would rather not go there, and some that do, find the balance and are able to expressive positive beliefs which leads to a lot of likes and shares.

  • Online Quiz about yourself

People love to immerse themselves in these online quizzes that try to place you in a category based on the answers you provide about yourself. It feeds our ego and makes us feel better about ourselves. Quizzes are one of the best ways to keep people engaged on social media; you will definitely get a lot of likes, shares and have them coming back for more.

  • photos

What is the number one thing people go on Facebook to like? PHOTOS! It could be photos of your family vacation; it could be photos of your exes, whatever it is people will like them and in some cases share them.

  • Emotional content

Content which fills people with emotions such as joy, laughter, sadness, awe, amusement, and anger are more likely to be shared. In most cases the positive emotions are more favored to the negative ones. The reason is value, self motivation, and entertainment.

  • Lifestyle

This is another form of content that goes viral. The latest clothing, latest gadgets, newest model cars, the fastest bikes, the tallest buildings, the most expensive hotels, the best vacation sites, tourist attractions, most expensive accessories, best universities, best meals for weight loss, highest paid CEOs in the world, sports coverage, music and entertainment, celebrity life, pop culture, WAGS of Miami, smart technologies, and lots more. Lifestyle is what drives social media. It is literally the definition of social media. it is the reason we are all online today, seeking for juicy news on lifestyle to keep ourselves validated and those that are simply outrageous gets shared.

These are the sort of contents that you need to get those millions of likes and shares you’ve always wanted.