Useful App And Software Every Ecommerce Store Owner Should Have

How is your ecommerce business working out so far? The progress of every ecommerce store depends on management and marketing strategies. With the improvement on various online technologies such as app/softwares ecommerce businesses continue to flourish with the right tools to assist with major business strategies. The beauty of tech apps/softwares in ecommerce is that they make your work fluid and more productive by integrating platforms that allow accounting, payments, graphic designs and analytics easy to use.

Ecommerce is one of the most lucrative online businesses today, with the right amount of work/ marketing strategy; your ecommerce store can make a whole lot of money and give you that financial support you need. Statistics and reviews show that more ecommerce stores are getting sales bloom every year due to the traffic and people now prefer to purchase quality products at very affordable prices from the comfort of their homes. You can take your ecommerce store to a whole new level by using the right tools. Here are a few essential app/softwares to help you achieve that;

  • Google analytics

This free tool is probably the first thing to integrate with your online business because every other strategy and marketing focus will revolve around the data you get from analytics. This tool monitors the performance of your store in terms of traffic and sales, it tracks where your traffic is coming from, when and how they come. It measures your ROI and builds series of analytical and graphic reports on metrics, segments and other performance trackers. The best part is that, with analytics you can spot the weakness in your marketing strategy and you can learn your audience behavior. This would enable you tailor your strategies to create more impact.

  • MailChimp

This tool comes with a free version and paid as well. It is most essential tool as it enables you manage your subscriber list, create more eye catching and engaging mails, send email campaigns and lots more. It comes with a wide variety of email templates with aesthetics to make your emails engaging. This tool integrates with all the apps you already use such as Google, PayPal, zapier, Facebook and lots more. It has an automation system which sends mails to your customers at periods when they are most receptive to mails.

  • Google Drive

This is a most helpful collaborative tool for team members and can be used to store all your data such as PDFs, images, word documents, spreadsheets, videos and lots more. It gives you 15GB of storage capacity and it syncs across all your devices so you can easily access any of your saved information on the go. The great part about this tool is the ability for team members to share files and collaborate of various documents together to save time.

  • HootSuite

This popular tool is used by most businesses today and is highly recommended for its efficiency.  This free app allows you bring all your social media channels into one single platform where you can effectively monitor all social media content and schedule posts in order to keep your followers engaged. It also enables you analyze campaigns, trends, and help you stay connected to media influencers.

  • Inventory Now

This tool enables you keep track of inventory, stores data on previously sold items and keeps track of profits and losses. It syncs with all devices and comes at a giveaway price of £2.29

  • PayPal

This is tool is widely accepted all over the world. This is the most popular means of online payment used by all businesses. PayPal gives you the most efficient means of payment which is quick, secure, and absolutely free.  It is easy to set up on your ecommerce store, and is accepted in over 202 countries in 25 major currencies.

  • Wave Accounting

With cloud based accountancy, this tool offers you an efficient way to keep track on payments, payroll and balancing accounts.

  • ZenDesk

Customer service is an integral part of any ecommerce store. This tool offers you the most efficient customer service platform with support chat modules and voice support for your customers. This is an effective way to get good feedback from customers.