5 Operating Systems That Have The Best Security Against Computer Virus

Who created the computer virus? What were they thinking? Computer viruses have been a menace to operating systems for as long as anyone can remember. It is not fully understood how these cyber parasites make their way into your system or what acts as an affinitive force but we all know that when a system is unprotected it ends up with lots of internet viruses.

Computer viruses can be likened to human viruses is certain ways; it slows down the system and leaves symptoms. Your files become corrupt and your apps no longer work like they should. It slowly makes its way into very important data base and personal files where in begins to encrypt and destroy from within.

Computer viruses are a menace and are often used by hackers and cyber terrorists to destroy a targeted company’s data base. The war against cyber crime is a broad and complex one as there are quite a number of professional hackers worldwide.

Who is in danger of internet virus exposure?

Everyone, both individuals and companies are open to attacks, this depends on the site you visit most frequently and how secure these sites are.  As long as you own a computer and you go online often enough without the cover of an antivirus, you leave your system vulnerable to viruses.

There is a need to protect your system from viruses as they can destroy a company’s data and cause a total meltdown which would lead to termination of the business. Some powerful computer viruses are;

  • Polymorphic virus – the most difficult viruses to detect
  • Resident virus – they install themselves before taking action
  • Boot Sector Virus – difficult to remove as they usually infect the master boot and often requires a full system format
  • Multipartite Virus – this virus spreads in multiple ways, taking down a system from various sectors at a time.
  • Cavity Virus – its operations are mostly directed towards filing spaces in files. This allows it to infect a system without damaging the code of the system. It can easily bypass detection giving them an extraordinarily long presence even after complete system cleaning.

Operating systems are at risk of these cyber viruses; however, there are a few operating systems that have a shield against viruses, here are 5 OS with the best security against anti-viruses;

  • Windows OS

Windows OS is the most popular and the most used of all OS, this is why Microsoft makes it a priority to ensure that the system continuously upgrades its security. This also depends on individual usage as well. As computer owners there are sites we visit regularly that may continually expose us to certain malwares and we can tackle this by installing antivirus that would often run a full system check, to isolate viruses.

  • Linux

This is the most secure OS of them all. No questions asked. It is part of open-source software; it is used by microcomputers because it is less likely to be attacked by a malware.  This always boils down to what sort of OS you need. Would you prefer one that is flexible, easy to use and compatible with a variety of programs or would you prefer ultimate security. If you do pick ultimate security then you wouldn’t need antivirus software for Linux, Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

  • Android OS

The android OS especially the OEM build has a significantly able security platform. Even though the android operating system has been a major target to hackers due to the exponential rise in the sales of android devices, android has a larger user base than most devices. There is still a lot of development going on in the android market and we are set to see major improvements in security in years to come.

  • Mac OS

Apple has done a good job in creating an impenetrable system. The Mac Os is a difficult one to breach. It may be possible for malwares to gain access to the Mac but with difficulty, this is due to critical permissions which form a wall against unidentified programs. Devices with Mac OS include Macbook pro, iMac, Macbook, and Mac Pro.

  • iOS

This is another apple based OS product. One thing with the iOS is its exclusivity. It is only found on apple products and carries the same strict security measures which is signatory with the apple company. iOS is believed to be the Safest operating system for mobile devices. iOS is found in iPhones and iPads.

These operating systems are not just the most popular in the market but offer the best security for your system. You can go the extra mile by ensuring the safety of your system by downloading an efficient antivirus that can perform scans as frequent as necessary to rid your system of malwares.