Useful Applications Of Big Data For Ecommerce Businesses

The internet has created a platform where data is generated by the second. This could be by the use of various social media platforms, query searches, sent email, online purchases and many other ways. There is so much information that we give off to the internet every day by means of our choice of search and uploads. These information can be applied in various ways, most especially ecommerce. Searches and online purchases often explain human behavior. Large corporations such as Google, IBM, Amazon, Facebook, and the likes are investing heavily on big data as this is a way to understand the needs of their users.

Big data is a formidable ally which can be manipulated to strategize and develop market plans for businesses. Ecommerce is one of the platforms that have greatly benefitted from the use of big data. The application of big data is endless; it works hand in hand with ecommerce especially when it comes to marketing. It is no news that ecommerce marketing campaigns are run on various social media platforms. Imagine the amount of human data generated from social media sites like per second and the data just keeps growing. Big data has greatly contributed to sales and yet some businesses are yet to even know what the term big data means. Here are various applications of big data in your ecommerce business;

  • Predictions

Predicting trends is one major advantage of big data in ecommerce. The forecasting of future events based on present shopping habits and choices. Analysis and statistics compile information on what is creating a buzz in the market, what product is being discussed, the categories of people interested in certain products or services, analysis on the top sellers and top buyers. All these information make up a data base or a pool of knowledge that can lead to algorithmic predictions of the future of the business.

  • Competitive pricing

Most competitors in ecommerce change prices regularly in order to create better deals for their customers. These frequent changes are made from data gathered on other competitor sites from transactions and other variables, these enable them make business decisions to stay ahead of competitions offering the best price. Big companies such as walmart and Amazon utilize big data in tracking millions of purchases in order to identify patterns that lead to higher profits.

  • Accurate demand forecast

When historical data is used to assess shifts in product demands especially during certain seasons such as Christmas, and other festive holidays, it is most likely to yield accurate details of product demand. Analytics and statistics are employed to determine even as much as public reactions to brands, this creates a pattern in different locations so that business owners can accurately forecast what the level of demands would be in certain areas. This is a powerful tool that helps to redirect marketing strategies. Forecast is one key thing every business should be able to do especially at the start-up point. Forecast is what drives the direction of the business and the level of effort and strategies to employ. Big data gives a close and accurate forecast using human behavior.

  • Personalized Ecommerce

Many retailers are working tirelessly to rise to challenges in competing with giants such as Amazon who has made huge successes in personalized ecommerce. Personalized ecommerce, with the use of big data has brought about great customer experiences which in turn lead to more conversions. Sales tend to double when you use automated recommendations to influence potential buyers about products.

  • Improve customer service

Big data has been highly helpful in customer service. It allows businesses to structure their services to target specific demographics, it compiles transaction and engagement data from online and offline interactions with customers, also from social media trends and purchases. These culminate into a design that is geared towards giving customers the most helpful advice and counseling, which automatically leads to closed deals.

  • Less cart Abandonment

There is a high percentage of cart abandonment which should have been converted. Big data allows retailers to view statistics and possible reasons and solutions through more engagements with clients to create a need for last minute conversions. With big data, ecommerce can witness an increase in revenue.

How To Effectively Handle Relationships With It Suppliers

Most businesses benefit from the use of cloud & IT tools which is usually supplied by certain vendor companies. Working with these vendor companies requires trust as there are numerous IT companies with services which vary in standards. As most businesses these days are adopting technology such as cloud & IT software for their day-to-day operations, there is a need to maintain good working relations with your IT suppliers in order to create long lasting beneficial engagements. These relationships ensure that business and systems management run smoothly.

There are various types of IT suppliers; there are software suppliers, hardware suppliers, and service and support providers. It is usually most appropriate to choose one IT supplier company for each.

The selection process

Selecting an IT supplier usually begins with a request for proposal (RFP) or a request for quotation (RFQ). Interested suppliers submit their RFP and the most suitable candidates are shortlisted to provide certain information in the form of a presentation. A company can be chosen based on the need of your company and track records of suppliers.

IT systems maintenance

After selecting the most viable company there are various contracts including terms and conditions that must be signed before contract is set in motion. The negotiation part on services is usually crucial to clarify functions and critical areas of the contract. If IT suppliers are meant to provide upgrades at certain periods they may want to evade these responsibilities on the long run by using various excuses.

Before purchasing any new machine to add to your office technology, always run this idea by your maintenance company in order to inform and remind them on terms of agreement. IT systems maintenance is not cheap; this is why there has to be a budget which is specific for the high priority technology. Some of the IT supplier services include;

  • Maintenance and replacement of devices
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Telephone, email and website supports
  • Software fees and licensing
  • Expanding storage size and communications
  • Computer usage compliance with industry standards
  • Training of staffs
  • Internet, Cloud & IT tools
  • Supply of Office machines such as printers, ink, paper and the likes

Contract negotiations can be a bit stiff including payment period. It is usually advisable to make payments after installation and testing of new machines and not before. While negotiating services there are loop holes for hidden costs which suppliers may want to explore as they may not be stated or emphasized in the contract. These extra services are;

  • Anti-virus and firewall maintenance
  • Telephone support
  • Software User training
  • Warranties on machines
  • Machine manuals
  • Frequent software upgrade
  • Remote monitoring of systems to diagnose glitches
  • Free consultation calls

Service level agreement

There is need for complete clarity when negotiating for long term services from an IT supplier. A most effective way to do this is to create a service level agreement. This document specifically states what to expect from a supplier and when to expect them. A service level agreement form should contain these;

  • Scope of service; number and types of hardware and software used by business
  • The range or particular set of service and limits
  • Service period
  • Response time, especially during emergencies
  • Time taken to fix problems
  • Documentation of records; problems treated
  • Additional provisions such as spare part and replacements
  • Conditions for termination of contracts and notices.

It suppliers can be managed to benefit your business. There are just a few tips to use when dealing with IT supplier companies.

  1. Don’t choose hastily. Take your time to research and ask the right questions before selecting a supplier
  2. Ask for references from these suppliers. A third party should be able to vouch for their services and don’t be reserved with your questions.
  3. Set the rules of service; your business has specific needs and these suppliers are bidding for the best company to take care of these needs, they can either play by your rules or reject the offer.
  4. Create service levels to clarify the terms of service with regular reporting.
  5. Challenge their services with benchmarks to keep them proactive. This will ensure maximum performance.

Essential Gadgets That Will Make Your Daily Life Easier

There are so many hassles in our daily life ranging from studying; getting a job, raising kids, handling multiple businesses, doing chores, and failing at Pokémon go. These build up often affect our mood and the way we interact with one another. However, with the current advancements in technology we don’t always have to shoulder so much stress, there are simple gadgets and devices that can take care of certain things we do every day to give us extra alone-time or even add some fun to the extremely boring activities we normally do or perhaps, just give us that convenience that we so desire. Here are some awesome gadgets that will make your everyday seem like a walk in the park;

  • Smartech Robotic Vacuum

How many hours a day do you spend on vacuuming your home? If you live in an extremely spacious area then I can imagine your pain. This gadget can shave some time off chores time for you, allowing you catch up with your favorite TV series. This cleaning bot has the ability to clean a large area and can avoid obstacles while doing so. It compressed the dirt and stores it in an inner compartment as it cleans the floors.

  • Garmin In-Reach Explorer plus Satellite Communicator

The one thing people hate about mobile devices is “no network.” This often occurs at the time you need network the most. If you often find yourself in areas with extremely low reception then this gadget was made for you. This handheld device provides you with global network reception; this means that no matter where you are in the world, one thing you will not lack is network on your device. This is a perfect gift for the outdoorsy explorer types of people.

  • FoldiMate – the laundry machine that folds

When washing with our hands became an inconvenience, we came up with the washing machine. We needed clothes to dry faster instead of the traditional sunning method, so we invented the dryer. Now the clothes are clean and dry but the folding process is such a bother. This is where FoldiMate comes to the rescue this home gadget washes and folds clothes. It also steams and removes wrinkles from clothes while folding, is this cool or what!

  • Kolibree smart toothbrush

This is literally the peak of convenience. Most people just go for regular tooth brush and stand in front of a mirror going over a pre-meditated routine on how we think we should brush our teeth. But with this gadget, you have a toothbrush that tells you where to brush, how hard or how gently, tracks your brushing habits and gives feed back as well. This is quite a spectacle. It can be controlled with a mobile app and if even has vibration features for bad brushing habits.

  • Grillbot – the automated grill cleaner

Cleaning up after grills can be tasking, lots of scraping and scrubbing to do. Why not let Grillbot handle it for you. This gadget does a great job at cleaning grills. All you have to do is place it on the area that needs cleaning, push a button and watch your kitchen utensils come alive again.

  • Multiple USB connectors

How many times have you wanted to plug certain devices into your computer USB port but not enough ports? This problem can be handled with this device. It comes with numerous USB ports where you can plug printers, Mouse, pen drive, External hard drive and the likes.

  • Wireless charger

This is a tool that everyone definitely needs. The convenience of walking around with your home with your phone in your hand, charging while making a phone call is just awesome.  The best part is, you have no need for cables, and you can charge other devices as well such as your tablets and smart watches at the same time.

  • Cooling pads for laptop

Working on a laptop for long hours causes it to overheat, this usually leads to major problems that might be costly to fix. This cooling gadget was specially made to cool laptops. This will save you from possible technical problems that may arise from overheating.

  • Bluetooth headset

These babies have been in the market for a while. It has saved a lot of road accidents associated with people holding their phones while making calls. It also makes it easy for you to pick calls on the go. It is highly efficient and ensures that you do less with your hands.

  • A Universal Remote

One thing that is always difficult to find when your favorite show is on is the remote to the TV or woofer. It is so cliché. A universal remote such as Harmony Home Control ensures that all your smart devices like TV, home theater, and play station have one central control.

Useful App And Software Every Ecommerce Store Owner Should Have

How is your ecommerce business working out so far? The progress of every ecommerce store depends on management and marketing strategies. With the improvement on various online technologies such as app/softwares ecommerce businesses continue to flourish with the right tools to assist with major business strategies. The beauty of tech apps/softwares in ecommerce is that they make your work fluid and more productive by integrating platforms that allow accounting, payments, graphic designs and analytics easy to use.

Ecommerce is one of the most lucrative online businesses today, with the right amount of work/ marketing strategy; your ecommerce store can make a whole lot of money and give you that financial support you need. Statistics and reviews show that more ecommerce stores are getting sales bloom every year due to the traffic and people now prefer to purchase quality products at very affordable prices from the comfort of their homes. You can take your ecommerce store to a whole new level by using the right tools. Here are a few essential app/softwares to help you achieve that;

  • Google analytics

This free tool is probably the first thing to integrate with your online business because every other strategy and marketing focus will revolve around the data you get from analytics. This tool monitors the performance of your store in terms of traffic and sales, it tracks where your traffic is coming from, when and how they come. It measures your ROI and builds series of analytical and graphic reports on metrics, segments and other performance trackers. The best part is that, with analytics you can spot the weakness in your marketing strategy and you can learn your audience behavior. This would enable you tailor your strategies to create more impact.

  • MailChimp

This tool comes with a free version and paid as well. It is most essential tool as it enables you manage your subscriber list, create more eye catching and engaging mails, send email campaigns and lots more. It comes with a wide variety of email templates with aesthetics to make your emails engaging. This tool integrates with all the apps you already use such as Google, PayPal, zapier, Facebook and lots more. It has an automation system which sends mails to your customers at periods when they are most receptive to mails.

  • Google Drive

This is a most helpful collaborative tool for team members and can be used to store all your data such as PDFs, images, word documents, spreadsheets, videos and lots more. It gives you 15GB of storage capacity and it syncs across all your devices so you can easily access any of your saved information on the go. The great part about this tool is the ability for team members to share files and collaborate of various documents together to save time.

  • HootSuite

This popular tool is used by most businesses today and is highly recommended for its efficiency.  This free app allows you bring all your social media channels into one single platform where you can effectively monitor all social media content and schedule posts in order to keep your followers engaged. It also enables you analyze campaigns, trends, and help you stay connected to media influencers.

  • Inventory Now

This tool enables you keep track of inventory, stores data on previously sold items and keeps track of profits and losses. It syncs with all devices and comes at a giveaway price of £2.29

  • PayPal

This is tool is widely accepted all over the world. This is the most popular means of online payment used by all businesses. PayPal gives you the most efficient means of payment which is quick, secure, and absolutely free.  It is easy to set up on your ecommerce store, and is accepted in over 202 countries in 25 major currencies.

  • Wave Accounting

With cloud based accountancy, this tool offers you an efficient way to keep track on payments, payroll and balancing accounts.

  • ZenDesk

Customer service is an integral part of any ecommerce store. This tool offers you the most efficient customer service platform with support chat modules and voice support for your customers. This is an effective way to get good feedback from customers.

How Mobile Technology Is Transforming Today’s Healthcare Services

Mobile technology, since its inception has greatly changed the way we function. There is a massive tilt to the side of mobile tech as it makes us more efficient and helps us stay abreast of the latest trends and news. It covers every part of on daily lives and has every detail on our businesses and personal life. There is so much expectation as mobile tech continues to grow, spreading its tentacles to all facets of our interests. App developers strive to ensure that they create relevant solutions to our basic human needs in form of new apps. We will continue to experience an exponential increase in the usage of mobile tech as more and more people become aware of its potential.

The year 2014 marked the year of mobile tech. statistics say there was an upspring in the sale of mobile devices giving way to the development of applications which are relevant for work, pleasure, health and other uses. Health care services have seen a great turnaround from sales of mobile devices as well. Here are ways that mobile tech has improved health care;

  • Post-operation care on mobile app

Medical concierge apps are very helpful for after operations. They show directives, possible effects and facts on how to handle certain conditions remotely without the aid of a physician. This app ensures that patients are not left without guidelines or a prescribed physical recovery plan. This service offers an option to patients who may not be convenience to make those little trips to the hospital. It is a necessary intervention that saves time and money. In years to follow, there will be an increase in the usage of these apps.

  • Mobile caregiver for patients of mental health

When it comes to mental illnesses that deal with cognitive abilities and emotions, there is a need to keep close tabs on patients who are mentally challenged. This is necessary in order to gather information and behavioral data that would help to prescribe treatment method. In some cases the patient may not be domicile in the medical facility and the physicians mostly operate through visits and consultations. There is a need to ensure that a home therapy would be fully effective. This can be done with modern mental healthcare apps such as “Pacifa”, which is used to tackle depression and to manage emotions through creating a channel of positive thoughts. This is a self administered support model which could be the answer to mental health challenges faced by hundreds and thousands of people across the globe.

  • Administrative operation

One thing the hospital administrator has to sieve through more often than they would like is data which can range from medical history, confidential patient records, transaction data, knowledge database, and the likes. Most times these details are needed before treatment can commence and these delays the urgent care a patient should receive. Thanks to mobile tech and other softwares, these data are at the fingertips and is very efficient in both collecting and sharing discreetly.

  • Mobile doctor

With the development of mobile apps for health and fitness, more and more people are becoming health conscious. These medical apps come in a few categories; there are apps for cardio and muscular fitness, for healthy dieting including menu for diabetics and other health conditions, for psychological and emotional wellness, for symptoms of diseases and infections, for self testing such as pregnancy, blood sugar, heart rate, and more. Another category is completely professional and used by physicians or medical practitioners. They also use apps for disease management and as away to administer scheduled drugs or health care. The ease of access into a patient’s medical records, simply by means of a mobile app is part of a great improvement in healthcare services.

  • Easy data collection

Smart phones such as android and iOS phones are used to harness a wide set of data which give incredible insights on patients, their behavioural pattern, choices, health orientation and beliefs these guide the way physicians administer health services. One of such analytical data tool is Big Data. There are significant changes in the method, quality, and quantity of data collected today.

  • Wearable technology

These techs are infused in devices such as wrist watches, hand-bands, jewelries and glasses. They can be worn anywhere are they essentially have trackers which monitor the health status of the person by monitoring vitals such as heart rate, perspiration, and temperature. Some wearable tech is invasive and come as micro-chips which are implanted under the skin. These devices are connected to mobile tech and can be monitored on mobile devices. Big corporations and work places are beginning to adopt wearable technology to monitor the health of employees as this would enable the management acquire information on the efficiency of employees.

5 Operating Systems That Have The Best Security Against Computer Virus

Who created the computer virus? What were they thinking? Computer viruses have been a menace to operating systems for as long as anyone can remember. It is not fully understood how these cyber parasites make their way into your system or what acts as an affinitive force but we all know that when a system is unprotected it ends up with lots of internet viruses.

Computer viruses can be likened to human viruses is certain ways; it slows down the system and leaves symptoms. Your files become corrupt and your apps no longer work like they should. It slowly makes its way into very important data base and personal files where in begins to encrypt and destroy from within.

Computer viruses are a menace and are often used by hackers and cyber terrorists to destroy a targeted company’s data base. The war against cyber crime is a broad and complex one as there are quite a number of professional hackers worldwide.

Who is in danger of internet virus exposure?

Everyone, both individuals and companies are open to attacks, this depends on the site you visit most frequently and how secure these sites are.  As long as you own a computer and you go online often enough without the cover of an antivirus, you leave your system vulnerable to viruses.

There is a need to protect your system from viruses as they can destroy a company’s data and cause a total meltdown which would lead to termination of the business. Some powerful computer viruses are;

  • Polymorphic virus – the most difficult viruses to detect
  • Resident virus – they install themselves before taking action
  • Boot Sector Virus – difficult to remove as they usually infect the master boot and often requires a full system format
  • Multipartite Virus – this virus spreads in multiple ways, taking down a system from various sectors at a time.
  • Cavity Virus – its operations are mostly directed towards filing spaces in files. This allows it to infect a system without damaging the code of the system. It can easily bypass detection giving them an extraordinarily long presence even after complete system cleaning.

Operating systems are at risk of these cyber viruses; however, there are a few operating systems that have a shield against viruses, here are 5 OS with the best security against anti-viruses;

  • Windows OS

Windows OS is the most popular and the most used of all OS, this is why Microsoft makes it a priority to ensure that the system continuously upgrades its security. This also depends on individual usage as well. As computer owners there are sites we visit regularly that may continually expose us to certain malwares and we can tackle this by installing antivirus that would often run a full system check, to isolate viruses.

  • Linux

This is the most secure OS of them all. No questions asked. It is part of open-source software; it is used by microcomputers because it is less likely to be attacked by a malware.  This always boils down to what sort of OS you need. Would you prefer one that is flexible, easy to use and compatible with a variety of programs or would you prefer ultimate security. If you do pick ultimate security then you wouldn’t need antivirus software for Linux, Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

  • Android OS

The android OS especially the OEM build has a significantly able security platform. Even though the android operating system has been a major target to hackers due to the exponential rise in the sales of android devices, android has a larger user base than most devices. There is still a lot of development going on in the android market and we are set to see major improvements in security in years to come.

  • Mac OS

Apple has done a good job in creating an impenetrable system. The Mac Os is a difficult one to breach. It may be possible for malwares to gain access to the Mac but with difficulty, this is due to critical permissions which form a wall against unidentified programs. Devices with Mac OS include Macbook pro, iMac, Macbook, and Mac Pro.

  • iOS

This is another apple based OS product. One thing with the iOS is its exclusivity. It is only found on apple products and carries the same strict security measures which is signatory with the apple company. iOS is believed to be the Safest operating system for mobile devices. iOS is found in iPhones and iPads.

These operating systems are not just the most popular in the market but offer the best security for your system. You can go the extra mile by ensuring the safety of your system by downloading an efficient antivirus that can perform scans as frequent as necessary to rid your system of malwares.

Types Of Content That Social Media Followers Would Likely Share

Ever had problems deciding what to share on social media? If you are looking to simply put something out there that is personal to you but does not require any feedback then any post is fine, but if you are looking to stair up engagement with the general public, get lots of likes and lots of shares then you would have to dig a bit deeper.

Facebook is of course, one of the best places to get the number of shares you are looking for since it’s got the highest number of users as far as social media is concerned. People do a lot of advertising on facebook and most have achieved their goals through effective marketing strategies and putting up the right content. The reason why quality content is necessary is to drive engagement. If people are not reacting to your posts then you are not making any impact, you are not interesting enough. So the big question is what kind of content sells? What kind of content do people want to see on social media and what type of content are they likely to share with their own friends? Let’s look at some great content types that are likely to go viral on social media:


  • Intellectual content

Everyone has encountered this before. You go through your social media page and you see this little logic math with additions and multiplications to test how smart you are, and you are required to type your answer on that forum. In no time you see a lot of likes and answers from people who have had a go at the math. “This can’t be the answer obviously” you say to yourself. In no time, you have been pulled in and start to comment and share the post to your smartest friends to know what they think. Only one word for this, “VIRAL”

  • The “how to” tutorials

This is another catchy type of content especially if it’s in video form. People like to learn trendy, relevant stuff or person knowledge stuff. As long as it teaches something within the age range of most of your contacts and is relevant, you are sure to get a number of shares.

  • Motivate and inspire

Positivity sells! There are so many people out there who are going through a lot in every part of life and when you put up a motivational post that they can really relate with, the next thing they do is to share to all their contacts. This is why motivational content rank highest on most shared.

  • A hack post

Everyone loves a good hack post, especially if it relates to devices we have had difficulties with. It’s a general knowledge that is useful to keep around.

  • A religious post

Religious posts are usually very sensitive and if you don’t do it right, it can be catastrophic. Most people would rather not go there, and some that do, find the balance and are able to expressive positive beliefs which leads to a lot of likes and shares.

  • Online Quiz about yourself

People love to immerse themselves in these online quizzes that try to place you in a category based on the answers you provide about yourself. It feeds our ego and makes us feel better about ourselves. Quizzes are one of the best ways to keep people engaged on social media; you will definitely get a lot of likes, shares and have them coming back for more.

  • photos

What is the number one thing people go on Facebook to like? PHOTOS! It could be photos of your family vacation; it could be photos of your exes, whatever it is people will like them and in some cases share them.

  • Emotional content

Content which fills people with emotions such as joy, laughter, sadness, awe, amusement, and anger are more likely to be shared. In most cases the positive emotions are more favored to the negative ones. The reason is value, self motivation, and entertainment.

  • Lifestyle

This is another form of content that goes viral. The latest clothing, latest gadgets, newest model cars, the fastest bikes, the tallest buildings, the most expensive hotels, the best vacation sites, tourist attractions, most expensive accessories, best universities, best meals for weight loss, highest paid CEOs in the world, sports coverage, music and entertainment, celebrity life, pop culture, WAGS of Miami, smart technologies, and lots more. Lifestyle is what drives social media. It is literally the definition of social media. it is the reason we are all online today, seeking for juicy news on lifestyle to keep ourselves validated and those that are simply outrageous gets shared.

These are the sort of contents that you need to get those millions of likes and shares you’ve always wanted.