Essential Gadgets That Will Make Your Daily Life Easier

There are so many hassles in our daily life ranging from studying; getting a job, raising kids, handling multiple businesses, doing chores, and failing at Pokémon go. These build up often affect our mood and the way we interact with one another. However, with the current advancements in technology we don’t always have to shoulder so much stress, there are simple gadgets and devices that can take care of certain things we do every day to give us extra alone-time or even add some fun to the extremely boring activities we normally do or perhaps, just give us that convenience that we so desire. Here are some awesome gadgets that will make your everyday seem like a walk in the park;

  • Smartech Robotic Vacuum

How many hours a day do you spend on vacuuming your home? If you live in an extremely spacious area then I can imagine your pain. This gadget can shave some time off chores time for you, allowing you catch up with your favorite TV series. This cleaning bot has the ability to clean a large area and can avoid obstacles while doing so. It compressed the dirt and stores it in an inner compartment as it cleans the floors.

  • Garmin In-Reach Explorer plus Satellite Communicator

The one thing people hate about mobile devices is “no network.” This often occurs at the time you need network the most. If you often find yourself in areas with extremely low reception then this gadget was made for you. This handheld device provides you with global network reception; this means that no matter where you are in the world, one thing you will not lack is network on your device. This is a perfect gift for the outdoorsy explorer types of people.

  • FoldiMate – the laundry machine that folds

When washing with our hands became an inconvenience, we came up with the washing machine. We needed clothes to dry faster instead of the traditional sunning method, so we invented the dryer. Now the clothes are clean and dry but the folding process is such a bother. This is where FoldiMate comes to the rescue this home gadget washes and folds clothes. It also steams and removes wrinkles from clothes while folding, is this cool or what!

  • Kolibree smart toothbrush

This is literally the peak of convenience. Most people just go for regular tooth brush and stand in front of a mirror going over a pre-meditated routine on how we think we should brush our teeth. But with this gadget, you have a toothbrush that tells you where to brush, how hard or how gently, tracks your brushing habits and gives feed back as well. This is quite a spectacle. It can be controlled with a mobile app and if even has vibration features for bad brushing habits.

  • Grillbot – the automated grill cleaner

Cleaning up after grills can be tasking, lots of scraping and scrubbing to do. Why not let Grillbot handle it for you. This gadget does a great job at cleaning grills. All you have to do is place it on the area that needs cleaning, push a button and watch your kitchen utensils come alive again.

  • Multiple USB connectors

How many times have you wanted to plug certain devices into your computer USB port but not enough ports? This problem can be handled with this device. It comes with numerous USB ports where you can plug printers, Mouse, pen drive, External hard drive and the likes.

  • Wireless charger

This is a tool that everyone definitely needs. The convenience of walking around with your home with your phone in your hand, charging while making a phone call is just awesome.  The best part is, you have no need for cables, and you can charge other devices as well such as your tablets and smart watches at the same time.

  • Cooling pads for laptop

Working on a laptop for long hours causes it to overheat, this usually leads to major problems that might be costly to fix. This cooling gadget was specially made to cool laptops. This will save you from possible technical problems that may arise from overheating.

  • Bluetooth headset

These babies have been in the market for a while. It has saved a lot of road accidents associated with people holding their phones while making calls. It also makes it easy for you to pick calls on the go. It is highly efficient and ensures that you do less with your hands.

  • A Universal Remote

One thing that is always difficult to find when your favorite show is on is the remote to the TV or woofer. It is so cliché. A universal remote such as Harmony Home Control ensures that all your smart devices like TV, home theater, and play station have one central control.

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