Everything You Can Know About The New Battlefield And Call Of Duty Titles

After skipping last year, we now have Battlefield and Call of Duty competing for your wallet come Fall, and while both games arguably have changed very little in their last few iterations, I would argue otherwise on behalf of both series. However, it seems that both sides are trying something different this year, not just in their games, but how they’ve been promoting them. What we ended up with was a wild week of news, leaks, and tweets to display a lot of information about these upcoming titles. Thus, I’m here to give you the lowdown on both of these upcoming games, and due to Battlefield’s announcement only just now happening, it’s likely I’ll be updating this article over the next several days as more information comes out.

The dust has settled, and what were are left with is two very polarizing and opposite games, which should bring some great variety to the Fall gaming lineup.

Battlefield 1:

So let’s get one thing out of the way, the new Battlefield is not Battlefield 5, but Battlefield 1, and takes place in a World War 1. Say hello to zeppelins. It is named 1 as a reference to the ‘genesis’ of all out war.

The release date is currently October 21st, with an early access edition coming out on the 18th.

It’s worth noting that on the pre-order page, no mention of paid DLC or season pass is mentioned, but a ‘free map drop’ is.

The trailer highlights various WW1 vehicles such as tanks, trains, and biplanes (oh hey, rhymes) combat by horseback, gas warfare, and flamethrowers were also highlighted. And yes, zeppelin mothership.

Automatic weapons were seen, although bolt action rifles were of course more common, as well as various melee weapons.

Naval warfare (especially battleships) will be making a comeback.

Pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, machineguns, and possibly submachine guns will be included. But there’s an increased emphasis on melee weapons. Weapons can be customized.

Bayonets confirmed.

Battlepacks return.

Artillery was featured in the trailer as well, but it is unknown how it is specifically used.

Destruction will be returning, and they are trying to add ‘as much as possible’ but mentioned problems in development regarding having ‘too much of it’.

Arabia, France and Italy are confirmed locations, with more on the way.

That being said, naming your title Battlefield 1 is going to be really weird if you decide to release a Battlefield 5 in the future.

The protagonist seems to be from the actual Harlem Hellfighters. Also known as the 369 th Infantry Regiment in the US Army from WWI. Pre-orders for the game include a Hellfighter pack, which contains themed items honoring the regiment. Other deluxe edition packs are the ‘Red Baron’ pack and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ pack.

There’s a club weapon?

The protagonist is wearing a cape for some reason, seriously he looks like a magician

A teaser trailer popped up yesterday featuring a seemingly leather jacketed soldier starring up as a huge shadow takes over his face. The soldier’s attire has lead many to believe that this game will be taking in the past, in either World War I or II.

In technically non-BF5 news, but Battlefield 4 and Hardline owners can now pickup certain DLC’s for free, for keeps. Over the next couple weeks the other DLC’s will be made free as well, so keep your eyes open on Origin if you’re not Premium owners

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

After an oddly extended amount of teasers saying absolutely nothing, and merchandise leaks giving us information anyways, we got a trailer showing that CoD:IW takes place in space in our current solar system.

The release date is November 4 th .

On top of your standard campaign and multiplayer, IW contains it’s own zombies mode, separate in its setting from the game (so no space zombies) and unrelated to Treyach’s zombies mode.

It is unknown if the controversial supply drops will come back

Campaign is single player only, no co-op this time, and the story is inspired not from other sci-fi novels, but from war stories. So no CoD version of HAL fortunately, but it does feature David Harewood.

In the campaign, you get a customizable fighter jet called ‘Jackal’, missions will let you jump between fighting on the ground then getting into your jet.

There are also side missions that give extra rewards, redeemable in your warship, serving as the mission hub.

Multiplayer will feature an ‘evolution of Call of Duty’s movement system’, it’s not clear if that means a drastic change in the system from the last 2 games, or a new approach all together.

Maps take place on various planets, and a space station.

There will be a beta for those who preorder, but its unknown for what platforms.

There will be 4 versions of the game, Standard, Legacy/Digital Legacy, Digital Deluxe, Legacy Pro. Legacy adds Modern Warfare Remastered for an $80 total, Digital deluxe adds season pass for $100 total, legacy pro adds a steelbook, soundtrack, and ‘additional digital items’ for $120 total.

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