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Oz: Broken Kingdom in our view

Revisiting Oz in ‘Broken Kingdom’

Retelling is not new in modern literature. The tales of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella have always been retold in so many novels, stories, poems, and plays. Now, the retelling of classic tales has invaded the mobile gaming world.

The classic story of L. Frank Baum, Wizard of Oz, has had its share of retellings and multi-genre adaptations (Broadway’s Wicked, the novel of the same title, cartoons, and films). Gamers and fans of the novel were then thrilled to learn that they can now play the RPG version of Wizard of Oz in Oz: Broken Kingdom, and that the game is literally right at their fingertips.

Developer Nexon and This Game Studio released the mobile game in September, prompting gamers to give the game a try. To their delight, the game boasted of improved graphics and the cinematic feel that made gamers feel they were really part of the fantasy world. But all of this, made the game a pay to win one, just like every other awesome game that comes out. So it is no wonder that things like the Oz: Broken Kingdom hack have been released.

The game expectedly stars the characters in the Wizard of Oz, although the story and the action continue in the mobile game. The team reimagined the story of Dorothy and her friends — the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man — so as to make the story and the game resonate with millennials and today’s younger audience. This Game Studio understood how important it is to merge the brand’s vision and mission, provide entertainment to the audience, and still be loyal to Baum’s storyline. Lawrence Koh, Nexon’s general manager, said they worked hard to make the mobile game a “breath of fresh air,” graphics, content, and gameplay-wise.


The story starts with a background of the game: A great darkness is sweeping over Emerald City; Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz had mysteriously disappeared. A new character, Ophelia Shen, is introduced. This character is apparently on a mission to save the city and rebuild it until it becomes glorious again. Simultaneously, Ophelia has to combat the evil witch and her cronies. Like Dorothy, Ophelia joins forces with the original Oz characters: the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man. These characters have superpowers and incredible abilities that help Ophelia as she battles the antagonists. The easiest way to level up these characters is by using the Oz: Broken Kingdom cheats, otherwise you’ll have a though time grinding for those cards.

Players will marvel at how Oz: Broken Kingdom fuses the interesting storyline with strategies and tactics left for players to discover. The player becomes one of the characters (heroes) who battles villains and other players in an arena. The battle is done in real time, with each player is given the freedom to choose their character. Players get to select during each “wave” at the arena. On the other hand, the players also get to see the character they are up against on the opposite side of the screen. At the bottom, they see the abilities and skills of the other characters. This gives each player an upper hand as they can prepare for attacks, making it a highly strategic game. Once the player taps and holds on to an ability to determine what it really is, he will likewise have an idea about the damage it does.


Each ability costs mana points, which the player needs to earn. The player must generate two manas for every turn so they could use their abilities in combat. When a player wins a battle, they earn items into their inventory. These items, like the Essence, eventually help them purchase weapons and other items, or upgrade their abilities. These items will help them defeat their enemies (i.e. the witch’s minions), and can help them win rounds in various combats. As the player wins and earns more abilities, he also levels up, alongside other players. If you decide to use the Oz: Broken Kingdom hack you will be able to skip the essence grinding part, as later in the game you’ll have to farm it in order to progress.

Aside from the smart mechanics of the game, there is a story that helps move things forward and keeps players hooked to the game. As a hero in the game, the player gets to travel to different settings such as Glinda’s castle and the countryside of the Munchkins. Players see the richness and beauty of Oz, if not the uniqueness of its people. The lesson is also as compelling as the story: In every corner of the country, there is darkness, and only you, the player, can abate it. Through the help of your friends, you can keep the country a peaceful place.

It is relatively easy to learn how to play the game. On the plus side, it is now available for downloading for Android and iOS phones. The high-end game takes technology on an ultimately new level. The reimagined Oz is breathtaking and the storyline is not cliché. There is still the proverbial good versus evil theme, but the suspense gets better as the player pits himself against other players.

Oz: Broken Kingdom Hack

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Unlike some RPGs, Oz: Broken Kingdom places the “safety” of Oz into the hands of each player. Not only does the player learn the original story of the Wizard of Oz, but he also learns to make the best choices for himself, his friends, and the truth he is fighting for. The choice of weapons, allies, characters, and combats define the player, and vice versa. Moreover, the game helps the player (or the hero) evolve as the story itself progresses. They also get to appreciate literature, which is often brushed aside once video games become more popular among young players. The lore of Oz has been expanded by the guys at Nexon, and L. Frank Baum would have been more than happy to see his masterpiece reach a more diverse audience with this RPG version of Wizard of Oz.

The game is brimming with both original and adapted characters from Baum’s novel, as well as details to test the players’ wit, skill, strategy, and cooperation. The game developers have made sure that the game has enemies that would surprise the players, keeping them at the edge of their seats all the time. The biggest problem would have been the pay to win model, but Oz: Broken Kingdom hack can hopefully solve that issue.

Nexon and This Game Studio did an impressive job for Oz: Broken Kingdom. It is a truly modern RPG but even old-school players will love it. They have exceeded consumer and player expectations in terms of the graphics and the fun. Indeed, restoring Oz to its former glory will be a challenge to all players, and if they would take the game seriously, they could learn a lesson or two about friendship and peaceful governance in a place.


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