Wondering How to Make Your Gaming Rock? Read This!

For several people, gaming is a passing amusement to fill the time between home chores and office work. For many others, gaming remains a zealous hobby that keeps them glued to their screens until they beat their best score. Here’s a list of the top 10 popular online games ever for allowing you to explore the realm of gaming to the fullest of your adventure.

Line Rider appears too simple to play, but after you’ve actually played it for some time you’ll realize the fun that is there in this game. In this game, you’ll find yourself creating more and more wacky and incredible courses for the brave. Apparently, if a gamer hasn’t played this game, the gamer hasn’t gamed.

If you are well familiar with flash games, you would have surely tried your hand at Yeti Sports. Although the game imbued numerous other yeti-filled games, yet the original remains the best by far. In order to play this game, all you need to do is kick the penguin to the farthest by scheduling your strike.


Winter bells is the game that sees a cute little bunny jump in the air and spring up bells. It’s surely not a difficult game to play. Nevertheless, once you start playing it, you won’t be able to stop, especially after watching your tiny rabbit dive from a tremendous height, which is sometimes a lot to bear.

Dino Run is primarily utilizing your keyboard skills so that you can save your audacious dinosaur by leading him to safety, thereby notching up his progressing strength in the way by collecting eggs. Being a dinosaur is always not risky, especially when you are being pursued by a rock-solid fragmented wall of doom.

Grow Cube is perhaps the most addictive and equally maddening online game out there. Since, it incorporates deduction, concentration, and a piece of paper. In order to play it with success, you need to add the right item at the right moment. If you don’t, you can hardly see your cube growing anywhere.

While playing Forger, you are basically a frog that is trying to cross a river and a road. Well, that might sound a little too simple. However, you have to throw yourself in front of callous car drivers and snappy turtles, meaning you have a job on your hands.

Earlier known as Diamond Mine, Bejeweled is a classic game including beautiful gems of multiple colors, which you need to move around for creating sets of three.

One of the craziest games out there, Chama is both funny and addictive. Neither too clever nor too big, there is something about this game that just hooks you.

Bow Man puts forth a challenge for you to shoot your opponent by calculating your bow’s right angle and power. You just need to set in a time for shooting your arrow and you’re done.

If you want to satiate your zombie-killing interests, pick up some great weapons, and get started with your mission in the Last Stand.

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